A simple word processor built with web technologies.

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All your notes are saved and encrypted locally using PGP keys.

A simple and yet feature rich WYSIWYG text editor.

Since your notes are stored locally, Skrifa works offline.

Open Source under the GPLv3 License, review and contribute to it's code on GitHub.

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Multiple formats

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Notes for Everyone

From school to your office, Skrifa is the word processor for everyone.

With a minimal, distraction free, simple and yet powerful interface, it's focused on what you really care, your content. It is so versatile that you'll have no problem using it for any scenario, as a power user or just as a simple quick note taking app.

From text styling to videos and images, and there are also features for more specific things like writing code, math and data tables.

Group your notes in Notebooks

We all have notes for different things, from school subjects to real life work and Skrifa makes it easy to keep all your notes right where they belong, grouping them in notebooks makes it easier for you to find your notes.

Keep your data backed up

Skrifa only saves your notes locally, therefore it's your responsibility to keep a backup in order to recover from any disaster. Skrifa makes creating and restoring from a backup something just a click away.


How does it work

Once you register and download the App, you'll be asked to create a passphrase for encryption. Using this passphrase and your username, a new PGP key pair will be created. This encryption password will never leave your device, it's never stored in any server and your keypair will be stored encrypted.

All your notes are stored locally in your computer and encrypted using the key pair you created, this means you and only you will be able to read your notes.

Since your notes are stored locally, you should perform periodic backups. The backups are also encrypted so your privacy is not compromised.

Buy or Download

You can either choose to buy or download Skrifa for free, there is NO difference in the product you'll get however do keep in mind that buying it will contribute to it's development and every gain will be split 50/50 between the projects skrifa uses internally to work and project contributors according to their contribution.


You'll be shown an icon every time a new update is ready for you, to update your Skrifa you'll have to download the update and install it, in the case of windows just run the new installer, on macOS replace the Skrifa app with the new one, on Linux install your new version or if you installed it via a package manager, the update will get to you automatically.

Privacy Limitations

By encrypting all your notes, you are the only one who will be able to desencrypt them, however Skrifa can't protect you if your computer has been compromised (keyloggers, trojans etc.)

You can export your notes in an encrypted or unencrypted format, if you export them unencrypted then anyone will be able to read that exported file.

What will happen to the Chrome Edition

Skrifa for Chrome was the initial 0.1 version for Skrifa which saved notes unencrypted, it will still be mantained. You can get the app in the Chrome Store